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Since I was a small child, I have loved travel photography.  I grew up in a VERY small town in rural Virginia (ya’ll- if you don’t know what John Deere, Carhartt jackets and Brew Thru shirts are, you probably don’t know rural Virginia culture).  Let’s just say that going to the beach at Nags Head (North Carolina) was about the furthest we traveled as a family.  One time (ONE!), I remember going to Tennessee to visit an aunt.

When I got older, I started traveling more with my church for mission trips – we went to Florida and New York first, and then I started signing up for international trips.  I had grown up listening to missionaries speak and had always been fascinated with world travel.  As I started traveling, I’d bring my Bible, a journal, and my camera.  I truly believe it was in some of these trips that I started to see and experience the world through a camera lens.  I loved travel photography – capturing images of local people, landscapes, fun street venues, etc.  These were back in the days before social media, so I had an old blog where I would post images for friends and family to see back home.

I was so blessed to travel with my work to the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain in Arizona to photograph a fundraising event.  What did I do with my free time?  Photograph my walk :).  I don’t have waivers to post images of the event and the people, but I’m excited to at least share with you some of the beauty of Dove Mountain.  We did see some snakes along the way as well (eek!) and came home with a few wounds after venturing off the trail and up the mountain – I never thought about being spiked by the cactus plants when hiking out west!  If you’re looking for travel photography (or just a photographer who travels), let’s connect!

cactus walk at Dove Mountain resort in Arizonacactus surrounded by yellow flowers from travel photography tripfun close up of a plant in Arizonaclose up of a cactus on Arizona travel photography tripyellow flowers cactus spikescactus on the side of Dove Mountain on travel photography trip to Arizonazoomed in image of yellow flowers red flower with mountain behindfield of mini yellow wildflowerscactus portraitcactus on the side of the walking path

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