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Nonprofit Photography at a Feeding Center in Nicaragua!

I just returned this weekend from a trip with ORPHANetwork & Williamsburg Community Chapel to help at a feeding center outside of Matagalpa, Nicaragua.  The children are so precious, and I was so blessed to be a part of this ministry!

ORPHANetwork exists to break cycles of poverty within Nicaragua.  They work with the local church and seek to rescue children who are at-risk or impoverished, prevent children from becoming orphans, create opportunities and share Christ with the Nicaraguan people.  Our team was a mix of women of all ages (several in college through to mothers).  I had so much fun learning Spanish songs to teach the children.  I have always loved nonprofit photography and am excited to gift hundreds of images to ORPHANetwork for sharing their story and mission.

Each day, we did Vacation Bible School with the kids in the community (crafts, songs, sports, games… !) and then helped the church with the feeding center.  One of our team members even hired an ice cream cart to come up to the church (a huge hill of a walk!) and bring ice cream to all the kids one of the days.  They truly loved it!

We were able to build relationships with some of the moms and talk about the challenges they face in their community.  I was also blessed to meet with some of the pastors and share ICM ( audio players with them so they could have access to Biblical training and content through the Mini Bible College.  These players are so cool because they are solar powered too!

Check out to read more about how God is working through their programs for children!

Are you looking for nonprofit photography for your organization?  I would love to help tell your story.  Reach out here, and let’s connect today!

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