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Do you remember how you felt when you were graduating from high school or college?  Are you currently in that season and feeling SO excited?  There are so many emotions when we’re about to hit such a huge milestone – the accomplishment, the future we are anticipating… and there’s such amazement as we stop to reflect and think about the friendships that have formed and the bonds that will last forever.  What better time as you approach graduation that to book William and Mary senior photos, just for you or with your closest friends?

I was so excited when Allison contacted me about taking photos of her group of friends from William and Mary – we had such a fun time going around campus and capturing their friendship.  They have been close friends since freshman year – how cool to spend four years growing together and now celebrating together.  In a group session for William and Mary senior photos, we are able to capture individual portraits of each person as well as groupings.  It’s so fun to have a photo with your bestie, roommate or favorite study partner.  Of course, your family will love that individual of you to hang on their wall too!

If you’re thinking of a booking a session, reach out soon as our spring calendar fills up quickly.  Congratulations to all of our William and Mary seniors!


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