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Spring Senior Pictures on the William & Mary College Campus

First of all, I have such a special place in my heart for William and Mary graduates – I cannot believe it has been over 10 years since I graduated (“hark upon the gale!”).  The campus is truly picture perfect for spring senior pictures!  I had such a fantastic time walking around with this amazing group of seniors, getting to know them and celebrating their upcoming graduation.

We enjoyed our time together immensely – talking and taking pictures throughout Colonial Williamsburg.  It was almost dark when we finally got back to the Wren Building on campus.  🙂 Thankfully, we were able to capture a few there before the sun was completely gone.

The closer you get to graduation, the Wren Building becomes more and more popular for pictures (and harder to grab for your dream photos!).  I am so excited for these William and Mary grads and their futures – congratulations to each of you!

Are you thinking about booking a William and Mary senior pictures?  The spring is such a gorgeous time on campus and around Colonial Williamsburg.  As you look through the images below, you’ll see how fun it is to split a session with some of your closest friends!  We were able to capture individual photos of each person (mom and dad will love these) as well as candids and some fun group pictures.

Your schedule as a William & Mary senior is SO busy, and the days you have to spend with your besties are ones to cherish – why not have a fun photo session together as a group to remember your friendship at William and Mary?  Reach out today for more information on an individual or group William and Mary senior photography session!  I would LOVE to connect and create the images of your dreams <3.

collage of images from spring senior pictures in Colonial Williamsburg and William & Mary

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