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Are you wondering where to take photos at William & Mary for your senior or sorority photo session?

Almost everyone wants to take photos at the Crim Dell and the Wren Building. So YES, do it! If you’re graduating or taking senior pictures, you will want an iconic photo at these locations. You may not realize that the lighting at these two iconic places is not the most flattering at certain times of day, so be sure to check with your photographer on the best lighting (unless you want to end up squinting through your photo session or looking splotchy from the sun spots).

Ok, now that those two locations are settled… You may also want some more variety and find yourself asking where else to take photos at William & Mary?

  1. Arches & Brick work – the arches between Barrett and dorms on old campus are super fun for taking pictures. The arches on Ewell Hall are great as well! You can also find a flat brick wall in good lighting for some fun headshots. Nothing screams William and Mary College any more than bricks, and a LOT of them!
  2. Swem Sundial and areas with florals on campus – the College staff are amazing and do a great job of keeping the walking paths and areas on campus looking beautiful. From the W&M sign near confusion corner (Jamestown/Richmond/DoG street – you know, it’s confusing!) to flowers by the admission building, there are quite a few places if you want to capture images with color. Keep your eye out as your walking around for unusual spots too. Any pop of color is beautiful, and I’ve found them behind buildings and even beside trash dumpsters!
  3. Greenery – yes, in addition to all the bricks on campus, we know there are also a lot of trees. Heavily wooded areas will make your images dark and heavy, so try the fun willow tree between Old Campus and Sadler or areas where there is a little more open sky (vs being under the trees).
  4. Indoors – W&M has such fun architecture – I am usually a huge proponent of outdoor photos, but it is super fun to run into Tyler or Wren to capture an image in one of the round windows or staircases. If you’re super into books, a library image can be fun by a big stack of books; or, grab an image of you in the science lab or your departmental building.
  5. Amphitheater – the path to the amphitheater is quite dark, but once you get out to the amphitheater, this can be a fun location if you’d like to incorporate water. I almost always encourage my seniors to think about locations where the sun is behind them (over their shoulder), so keep this in mind if you want water images and which water spot to choose on campus.

Where else do you take photos at William & Mary? I’d love to hear from you on social media!

senior portrait in William and Mary College flowers by Swem Sundial

Are you ready to connect with a photographer who knows when and where to take photos at William & Mary? If so, this alum would love to connect more with you today! Hark upon the gale! 🙂

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