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“When do you take senior pics?” you are wondering.

Most seniors start thinking about photos the spring of junior year or the summer before you start your senior year; but honestly, you can take them anytime that fits your schedule!

Are you planning to use the pictures by a certain date?

Perhaps you want to use your pictures on Christmas cards or grandparent gifts, or you have a date by which you want to send out graduation announcements or invitations? I recommend scheduling your session 4-6 weeks before the date you need your pictures – my turnaround time is always two weeks, but you never know how long your print company may take or time you may need to shop around for what type of prints you want to order (I can help you with this too!).

Do you love a certain season?

Here in Williamsburg, we have SO many amazing seasons – the spring in Colonial Williamsburg is beautiful with tulips and all kinds of flowers. Fall has the crisp, cool evenings and colorful trees. You may have a certain outfit in mind, too – does it fit hot or cold weather seasons? Do you dream of scarves and ice skating in the background or cute jeans with a spring garden? We want your pictures to celebrate YOU, so scheduling in the right season helps!

Do you want to incorporate your cap and gown?

There is some flexibility here if you have a friend or previous grad from your school from which you can borrow a cap and gown – if not, you will want to coordinate the timing of your senior session with when your cap and gown will be ordered and picked up!

When is you or your family’s busy season?

Are you super involved in sports or school activities certain times of the year? If so, I’d recommend booking when you are more free so your pictures won’t cause any extra stress to your schedule! You may also want to think about when you have beach trips or outdoor sports planned – if you’re dreaming of a tank top, you may not want tan lines from being out in the sun (or you may want a little sun before your session if you prefer a sun-kissed look!).

So, Mattie, you didn’t really tell me when?!

Right! Because the best time to take senior pics is when it works best for YOU! While the pictures focus on you in each portrait, the season, props and background can all contribute to the images and display your personality more. Let’s connect today and start planning :)!

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