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Look no further as I’d love to share some of my favorite wedding exit ideas from weddings here in Virginia! <3

Before I start, I want to address the major question of paying your photographer to stay til the end of the reception in order to capture your grand exit you have dreamed about. You do NOT need to pay for a couple extra hours of coverage just to have an amazing exit shot. I recommend scheduling a staged exit about 15 minutes before your photography coverage time ends. You can grab your wedding party and a few friends, and the photos will be JUST as amazing. Then, you can throw off your shoes, get sweaty on the dance floor or enjoy your evening however is best for you (without 300 pics of your uncle doing the electric slide!).

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about fun exit ideas.

Bubble Wedding Exit

This one can be a LOT of fun, especially if you pick up a few bubble machines and auto bubble guns to hide in the crowd (an easy buy from Target). The little bottles you give out to your guests are super cute and fun, but adding the machine will give you SO many more bubbles for an epic exit image!

bubble image at night is a great wedding exit idea in Williamsburg

Sparker Wedding Exit

This is another fun one (just check with your venue to be sure it is allowed as there are safety concerns, especially with trees and bushes nearby). Be sure to get longer sparklers if you’re planning a big group as it may take a while for everyone to light them. It can be super fun to do a fist pump half way through the line or even stop for a romantic kiss if that’s more your vibe! What a fun image to keep for years to come to remember your day!

fun and smoky sparkler exit for your wedding exit idea
romantic kiss among sparkers after wedding

Confetti/Glitter Wedding Exit

Day time exits sometimes need a little more creativity as it’s hard to see sparkers in the sunlight and bubbles may not be seen as well either. Why not try some form of confetti or glitter?

daytime wedding exit idea with confetti

Champagne Wedding Exit

Another popular idea is to pop champagne for a fun photo – I have had seniors and wedding couples do this for images. A few words of warning – one, corks can hurt someone so I recommend opening the bottle off to the side and keeping it closed with your thumb. I also highly recommend not spraying your photographer (I doubt her camera holds up well to sticky champagne, and you definitely want that camera to keep working!).

champagne spraying wedding exit idea

Not finding that any of these wedding exit ideas fit your personality or dream wedding? Here are a few more to consider:

Balloons, Lightsabers, tinsel, glow sticks, smoke bombs… the possibilities are endless! I found this fun article that may be helpful too!

Are you ready to book a photographer to capture that dream wedding exit? I would absolutely love to help! Reach out on my contact form, and let’s create the images of your dreams!

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