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I have to share these cute photos of my super cute boys (Happy Easter!).  If you love candid family photos, Colonial Williamsburg is such a fun spot!  My kids LOVE running around, and I just love capturing each moment.

Oh my goodness, when I decided to order matching hats and shirts for the boys for Easter, I NEVER IMAGINED how CUTE they would be! There is a gorgeous garden in Colonial Williamsburg that I absolutely love pretty much all year round – the lighting is perfect and the flowers are always colorful. But in the spring… it’s at a whole different level. The flowers POP with color and the grass is so vibrant.  It’s the perfect spot for candid family photos.

I knew Ezra wouldn’t hold still for a lot of poses (toddler life!), but getting to run around in a sea of flowers is perfect for a 1 year old. We captured so many smiles in just 15 minutes. Mom/photographer win!  My favorite moment was capturing Noah and Ezra holding hands and walking together.  Ezra reached up to adjust his hat and their smiles were just perfect.  I love how much they enjoy being around each other (yes, they do drive each other crazy at times too – let’s not pretend we’re perfect!).

Are you considering booking candid family photos in Colonial Williamsburg or somewhere else around town?  I would LOVE to connect for your family session!

I hope you find their smiles just as contagious as I do as you scroll through.  I’m so excited to hang these up in my house <3.


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