Choosing the Perfect Veil for Wedding Photos

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Hello, friends! Today on the blog, we’re talking about choosing the perfect veil for wedding photos. You may think this is not important (or it may be a big deal to you!); but read on either way, as I think you’ll find this super helpful.

veil glowing with the sun behind

As a wedding photographer, I do think it’s my job to let you know that not every veil will fly. If you’ve dreamed of a flying veil photograph on your wedding day, this could be quite disappointing to realize! The weight of the veil makes a huge difference in how it photographs or flies through the air as well as the length.

  1. Stay away from heavy beading that will add weight (this will also help with your comfort as I’ve had many brides who don’t love the pulling feeling of the veil on their head all day). Keeping it simple will also keep it from distracting from the natural beauty of the moment <3
  2. Choose a veil with one layer as that will help with tossing it in the air for photos
  3. For length – the more length, the more epic the images! We are able to create more dreamy, flowy images with longer veils.
  4. Off-white is best for photos – some veils can look a little blue-ish when they are super stark white, so choosing off-white, ivory or cream is the best for both your dress and veil.
  5. Choose fine tulle over stiff (it’ll flow even more!)

Are you wondering what type of images we usually capture as you choose the perfect veil for wedding photos? Let’s look at a few classics!

bride with long veil dipping for kiss in front of fountain

First, we love to toss the veil in the air to get a nice side profile of the veil – often with you all smiling at the camera, going in for a kiss, or even dipping!

simple and lightweight veil for wedding photos

Second, we love to bring the veil close to the camera to create a sweeping image where it looks like you are kissing or smiling inside the veil (so dreamy!).

dreamy image using veil for wedding photos

Last (but not at all least!), we love to lay it out so you can see the full beauty of it in photos!

showing the full length of the veil for wedding photos on carriage
bride poses with veil spread out for epic image

Our goal is to capture the connection between you – the veil is an amazing accessory to add to that – adding to the overall emotion of the image and creating a romantic look.

Are you ready to plan your wedding day to include dreamy veil images? Let’s connect!

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