A Rainy Wedding at the Maine of Williamsburg

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bride and groom kiss with veil flowing at their wedding at the Maine of Williamsburg

What a rainy (yet absolutely beautiful) wedding day at the Maine of Williamsburg!

Congratulations to Sarah and Max! Almost every bride worries about rain (it’s totally normal!) – Sarah and Max’s day ended up with rain the ENTIRE day, so they made the decision to take all their portraits under the porch of the Maine of Williamsburg and stay dry. Luckily, we had an amazing vendor team, and the Maine did an amazing job setting up the porch area so the ceremony could still feel like it was fully outdoors.

collage of images with pacific greens at the Maine of Williamsburg wedding venue

Sarah chose lovely greens with pacific northwest inspiration that just turned out so beautifully with the romantic, rainy weather. The couple each started the day getting ready in the beautifully designed suites for weddings at the Maine of Williamsburg, hanging out with their friends and enjoying their company. I could tell it was going to be a fun day between the girls’ posing with their fun sunglasses and the sound of the guys’ laughter pouring into the hallway.

images getting ready in the suite for weddings at the Maine of Williamsburg

You can definitely tell the Maine of Williamsburg was designed for weddings! They thought of everything, and the ceremony was beautiful with the sound of the rain surrounding us. I was able to turn everyone towards the light to capture portraits under the porch that still have that beautiful lighting we love. <3

collage of images of ceremony and portraits under the porch for rainy wedding at the Maine of Williamsburg

Sarah and Max met at PBR in Hampton, VA – each not expecting to meet their best friend and life partner that night. I just love hearing love stories, and theirs is no exception! Their love for each other and for having fun with their friends was evident throughout the night at their wedding at the Maine of Williamsburg – from fun reception entrances to partying on the dance floor, the room was full of energy.

vibrant reception images filled with laughter and smiles at the Maine of Williamsburg wedding venue

The couple ended the night with a dance by themselves while the guests prepared for a bubble exit. Bubble exits have become more popular, and I think you will agree that this picture turned out so fun!

fun bubble exit with bride and groom after their wedding at the Maine of Williamsburg

Are you planing a wedding at The Maine of Williamsburg? I would love to connect so you can rest assured that whether there is sunshine or rain, you will have timeless images that capture your love story!

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