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What a fun surprise proposal at William & Mary! Ben and Hannah met at the Wren Chapel their freshman year, so it was the PERFECT spot for Ben to pop the question.

I arrived a little early and was hiding over near the Ewell music building in hopes that they didn’t see me (with my two huge cameras that are NOT spy-like at all!). Thankfully, the campus has tons of bushes and greenery to conceal a totally conspicuous photographer; but I’m sure many students wondered why in the world I was hiding out.

Ben told Hannah they were going out on a date; and she had no idea what was about to happen (I learned later that she did suspect the question was coming soon, just not that night)… it ended up that they were running late as she didn’t know the importance of our plan and the sunset that was coming. It all worked out though, as they arrived before it was too dark in front of Wren. The surprise and elation on Hannah’s face was unforgettable.

Ben truly took great care to be sure the moment was meaningful – proposing in front of the Wren Chapel where they met AND hiding a packet of fire sauce on Hannah (a special inside joke between the two of them). The campus had some music playing, so we were even able to snap a couple photos of Ben and Hannah dancing in celebration of their future together.

Congratulations, Ben and Hannah! Your surprise proposal at William & Mary was perfect, and we are so excited for your future! <3

collage of images of alums Ben and Hannah for surprise proposal at William & Mary in front of Wren Chapel

If you’re planning a surprise proposal at William & Mary (or anywhere else in Williamsburg), I would absolutely love to connect! It is so priceless to capture that moment when your future bride sees her ring for the first time and gasps with that exciting, “yes!” Let’s connect and plan your proposal today!

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