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I am often asked about my photography story and how I got into professional photography. My degree is in Religious Studies (and I also have every credit needed for pre-med from William & Mary – anyone else taken Organic Chemistry?!) and my master’s is from a seminary in the Philippines. So how did I end up photographing portraits and weddings? This session at Yorktown Beach was a pivotal part!

father and son laughing on a bench at Yorktown Beach boardwalk during my early photography story

Well, it just kind of happened! For as long as I can remember, I have always loved taking photos while traveling. As a teenager, I volunteered on multiple mission trips and was blessed to travel all over the world by the time I was in college. I was fascinated with differing people groups and cultures. While I had no idea about the technical side of photography (my camera was in automatic all those years!), I loved upgrading to the latest camera to capture what was happening in my life and travels.

When I had my first son, I became more interested in learning how to take better photos and started watching all kinds of online trainings and videos. I think this was really the true thrust that pushed me into my photography journey. I bought my first “nice” lens – a 50mm 1.8 (I thought this was an upgrade from what I had and it seemed very expensive at the time; little did I know how much I would later spend on gear!). I began practicing. And practicing. And practicing some more!

father and son looking for shells at Yorktown Beach at sunset - an image from my photography story

The next thing I knew, friends started messaging me asking me to take pictures of their kids (after seeing my practice posts of my son). It was this session at Yorktown BEach specifically featured on this blog post that someone commented that I should go professional – and when I finally looked at my own photos and came to the same conclusion. I began as only a family photographer. With time, I discovered Katelyn James and all of her photography education. It was through her influence and a friend who took a risk hiring me to photograph my first wedding that I began to explore my love for wedding photography.

Collage of images of my husband and son at Yorktown Beach at sunset - the first session in my photography story where I felt like a professional.

Years later and lots more courses and experience under my belt, and here I am. I have found something I am truly passionate about – I love working with my families, seniors and wedding clients. I believe Mattie Wezah Photography is so much MORE than just pretty pictures – it’s a joyful experience with your friendly neighborhood photographer, capturing your memories for years to come. I’m so excited you’re here and would love for you to be a part of my photography story next! <3

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I'm Mattie and I'm so happy you're here. Stay a while and say hello!

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