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Spring Engagement Photos in Colonial Williamsburg

pink blossoms frame couple at spring engagement photos

Congratulations, Marie and Mitch! We are so excited for your future together and to celebrate with you soon on your wedding day! <3

couple kissing in pink blooms at spring engagement photos in Colonial Williamsburg

Spring engagements in Colonial Williamsburg are truly BREATHTAKING! Right?!

I should preface this in case any of you reading laugh at how I describe nature – I do not have a green thumb and I probably don’t know the name of most of the plants and flowers (I’m pretty sure I have photographed weeds before because I just thought they were lovely). What I do know is beautiful colors and light, and Colonial Williamsburg in the spring time has just that! The gardeners and caretakers who work in CW do an AMAZING job as the gardens seem like they bloom at the peak times for every season.

While I love engagements all year round, spring engagement photos are one of my favorite times for sure because of the vibrant greens and trees blooming.

Marie and Mitch timed their session at the BEST time. Aren’t these images just incredible?

My other favorite thing about Colonial Williamsburg is how we are able to get such variety just by walking around a little – from the brick walls that give an urban feel, to the historical gardens if you love florals, to the rustic benches and fences… there truly is something for everyone and every style!

engagement ring on a tulip at spring engagement photos

Since you just received your new ring (bling!), your engagement session is also a great time to give your ring the spotlight too. The flowers and greenery in CW give us so many options, like this fun picture of Marie’s ring on a tulip!

Are you interested in booking engagement photos in Colonial Williamsburg? If you’re dreaming of colorful tulips and flowering trees, look no further than CW. I would love to connect today and help you plan your dream session! <3

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