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Do you absolutely love the detail images from a wedding day as you look at Pinterest, blogs or galleries online? Or do you not even know what I’m even referring to right now? Read on for what should be included in your bridal details checklist!

Pink ribbon and greenery of Dana and Benji's guestbook at their Virginia Farm Wedding - don't forget the guestbook in your bridal details checklist!

As you build your timeline for your wedding day, it’s important to allocate about an hour for your photographer to capture all of the little details – you’ve worked hard (or searched Etsy hard!) to put together every detail. You have chosen your favorite colors and florals. From the invitations you chose to the earrings you borrowed from your great grandmother, you will cherish these images for years to come.

it's important to ask for loose florals to go with your invitation for your bridal details checklist

Not convinced? I know, I know. There is always someone who says these images aren’t necessary. While ultimately, it is your day and your decision, I highly recommend having these photos taken anyway. Years from now, you will be able to look back and remember every moment. You will have a beautiful representation of the colors and florals you chose as well as each piece of jewelry. If you decide to put together an album, these images also add a LOT to the album design and look. Need I say more?

So… ok, Mattie! I’ll give the photographer the hour of time! But what do I prepare? Before your photographer arrives, I recommend having all these items gathered and in a large shoe box or bag for your photographer so the day can go super smoothly (and efficiently, cause you want to maximize your time, I know!):

it's always fun to photograph jewelry inside your bouquet flowers, so please include them in your bridal details checklist

Bridal gown (with special hanger if you have one)
THREE Rings (please!)
Invitation Suite
Bridesmaid dresses
Any heirloom items
Styling items (any extra ribbon or items that match your colors)
Ring box
Loose flowers (ask your florist to include these!)
Groom’s details (cuff links, tie, shoes, etc.)

I provide each of my brides with a beautiful guide for gathering these details and a printable bridal details checklist – I’d love to connect today so we can capture dreamy images of your wedding details next :).

earrings with pearls in bride's bouquet for macro image - please include jewerly in your bridal details checklist

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