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If you know my brother, you probably know that most of us thought this day would never come! We are so happy to welcome Tracy into the family!  Hunter is finally hitched!

Tracy and Hunter got married at the church where we grew up, Millfield Baptist, in Wakefield, VA.  Their reception was at the Wakefield 4-H Center (a popular favorite for Sussex and Southampton County weddings – if you haven’t tried their country cooking, look them up!).

What made it even more special is that my husband, Zeko, was the minister who married them.  We were able to have them over to our home in Williamsburg for pre-marital counseling, and it was so special to see him conduct the service.

While they chose not to have full day photography coverage, I was so excited to pull my camera out for a bit to grab some photos of their special day, 8 months pregnant!  It was definitely a good thing that I have continued going to the gym during this pregnancy, as it’s enabled me to still be able to crawl on the floor in the front aisle and take pictures from fun angles.  I know I’m biased, but I just love the cute one of my son, Noah, walking down the aisle with his sign.   <3


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