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We are so excited to share that Baby Ezra has arrived!  The beginning of his pregnancy was quite uncertain (I have a history of miscarriages, and we had some complications during the first and second trimester); but by the third trimester, I was feeling great and able to even keep going to the gym up until his due date.  

While I knew second births would be quicker than the first, I wasn’t quite prepared for how much quicker.  By the time we got to the hospital, I was trying to answer the intake health questions and quickly let them know that I thought it was time.  They checked me, and sure enough, I was already VERY far along in labor.  I’ve never been so glad that we chose a hospital in Williamsburg, within 15 minutes of our home.

He truly is a perfect addition to our family.  I’ve been down with cold symptoms (I’m sure which have been exacerbated by the nursing every two hours and not sleeping), but I was able to pull out my camera for an entire five minutes, lol.  I’m so grateful for iPhones for the other hundred images we will have of these first few weeks.


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I'm Mattie and I'm so happy you're here. Stay a while and say hello!

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