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I’m SOOOOO excited to do a blog series on some of the ways we are giving back through photography. Source of Light in Haiti is just one of the places I’d like to highlight! When I started my business, I knew I wanted to give away 20% to help children and orphans around the world. Our commitment is simple but powerful: for every dollar that comes in to our business, we immediately donate 20%. This helps us not only create beautiful memories for you as our clients, but it enables us to make an impact in lives of children in need globally.

From the time I was little, I developed a heart for children in need. I traveled on mission trips to multiple countries volunteering at orphanages and working with street children. It was this passion that has led us to donate to multiple organizations. Today, I want to share a little about Source of Light in Haiti.

My husband, Zeko, and I were able to lead a group of college students from William and Mary down to Haiti to volunteer in 2013. While there, we helped at Source of Light in Haiti. I just loved sitting with the kids, singing songs and bringing joy to their day.

Opened in January of 2012, Source of light is in the Delmas 19 community of Port-au-Prince. After the extremely devastating earthquake in 2010, there was a great need for a children’s home and school. The Source of Light Center provides a safe home for orphans, provides affordable education (elementary), provides professional training for adults (auto mechanics and nursing) and provides purified water for teh community at an affordable rate.

More than 40 children call Source of Light in Haiti their home, and Mattie Wezah Photography is blessed to provide monthly sponsorships for multiple children. To fully sponsor a child, it is $140/month to provide education, food, clothing/shoes, personal hygiene, medical needs, recreation and staffing for the center. We are so excited to be giving back through photography!

((We did not take a “fancy” camera to Haiti – but I hope you enjoy these snaps nonetheless!))

We are so excited to be giving back through photography to multiple organizations that help children and orphans around the world!  Source of Light in Haiti is one of these!

So, how can you help?

  1. Book a photo session or wedding. Every dollar that comes into Mattie Wezah Photography helps us to sponsor more children and impact lives globally.
  2. Spread the word. Each of us have the opportunity to share the needs of children with our friends and family.
  3. Donate directly. If you feel so led, join us in supporting one of the amazing nonprofits that work to help children and orphans worldwide.


Thank you for being a part of the Mattie Wezah Photography family and helping impact precious lives. Photography has the power to not only capture moments and memories but to truly change lives. Thank you!!!

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