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There are SO many milestones in life that we are blessed to capture.  Graduating law school is definitely a BIG one, and we are so excited for Kayla.  Kayla recently graduated from the prestigious William and Mary Law School, and she wanted to book a photography session to remember this monumental achievement. Woo hoo, go Kayla! 

William & Mary law school graduation photo headshot of senior in pink dress and blue eyes, leaning on brick wall.

As soon as I met Kayla, I knew it was going to be a fun session – she had a big smile on her face and was so joyful.  Dressed in bright pink and excited about her future, we enjoyed talking about school and life as we walked around William and Mary’s campus. 

Senior in pink dress poses with statue and does the peace out sign to William & Mary Law School

We began her session at the Law School, of course!  Kayla wanted a fun photo with one of the statues, followed by a few traditional photos in her graduation regalia (what a prestigious looking cap and gown) with the Law School as the backdrop. 

We then walked over to the Colonial Williamsburg Art Museum as it has some super fun arches that photograph beautifully.  We are so blessed in Williamsburg to have such beautiful locations for photos!

Collage of senior in pink dress at William & Mary Law School for senior photo session

We ended the session by walking over to the iconic William and Mary Wren Building (where almost every graduate has taken a photo!).  Steeped in history, this building has witnessed so many generations of graduates walking through – how cool for Kayla to have photos to remember that she now ranks among the accomplished alumni of William and Mary.  

Kayla is truly ready to take on the world – with her first stop being the bar exam and starting her new career as a lawyer.  Congratulations, Kayla!  May you future be as bright as your joyful smile! 

Senior in pink dress poses by sign for graduation pictures from William & Mary Law School

Are you graduating from William & Mary Law School (or any other academic program)? If so, I would love to connect to capture this special achievement in your life!

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