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Are you wondering where to do senior photos in Williamsburg, VA?  If so, I would LOVE to connect.  It might sound like the obvious answer, but I 100% recommend Colonial Williamsburg as your location! Senior photo sessions are such a fun time as it’s a great opportunity to really share your personality and capture images that make you feel great about yourself.

Colonial Williamsburg is one of my absolute favorite places to photograph seniors – from gorgeous flowers to rustic fences and brick walls, there is truly such an opportunity to capture every personality.  So many of us think that the only main areas are walking along Duke of Gloucester Street (DoG Street); but even after living in Williamsburg for 10+ years, I find new spots ALL the time in the CW area.

I highly encourage you to book a local Williamsburg photographer who knows the area well (me!) and you will be able to have a gallery of STUNNING images that represent your unique personality, without taking a ton of your valuable time.  By knowing all the great spots and where the lighting is best, you will feel the best about YOU and want to use the images for years to come.  Let’s face it, mom and dad are going to print them everywhere, so you should LOVE to look at them!

The other fun thing about a session in Colonial Williamsburg is all the cool spots you can hang out in after your session – you’re looking your best and feeling great, why not head to a fun restaurant, grab ice cream or have a picnic on the palace lawn when you’re done?

The sun during this session was gorgeous as well as my senior in the collage below.  If you love the glowing look of may of these images, you’ll want to schedule your session to start about 1.5 hours before the sun is setting.  Looking for more ideas of where to do senior photos in Williamsburg, VA?  Fill out my inquiry form and we can talk about other location ideas if CW is not for you!

Collage of images of a gorgeous girl showing where to do senior photos in Williamsburg, VA

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