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Bride and groom dip and kiss in front of governor's place in Colonial Williamsburg

Congratulations, Tyler and Emily! What a gorgeous fall weather, complete with glowing orange skies (yes, you have to schedule portraits at golden hour, you won’t regret it!). I am so excited to be telling your love story to our blog readers today!

Tyler and Emily’s day started with beautiful detail photos, followed by a ceremony complete with the sword crossing post-ceremony (so cool!). The wed on the East Lawn at the Williamsburg Inn, with their reception following in the Regency Room. From the horse and carriage to the glowing light sticks dancing the night away, their day was fantastic!

We love telling your love story through detail images showcasing your bouquet, dress, rings and every little detail.
A collage of images of your ceremony with blue florals and army swords is perfect for telling your love story!

I usually rewrite a couple’s story or tell you my own version (I just love telling your love story to our blog!), but I just absolutely LOVED how Emily and Tyler set up their story on their wedding website, so I want to share it again. Here it is verbatim (no plagiarism OR AI bots, here).

sun glistens and glows behind couple with golden hour orange tones and veil flowing in air

How We Met


“Our story Emily and I met in that classic way most couples meet; on Hinge. As luck would have it Emily had taken a travel nursing contract at a hospital in Charlotte, NC and wanted to get to know the city. Clearly the best way to see the city and enjoy some of the fine restaurants was being shown the best of the city from the local singles. Meanwhile I was in command at Fort Bragg and just so happened to see her profile, despite her being two hours away, and decided to give it a shot. Much to my surprise she matched with me, not only that, but Emily was willing to meeting at a halfway point between us for brunch on Sunday. I got to Mason’s in Aberdeen with some time to spare before Emily arrived and got on the waiting list for a table. After I realized it was going to be about a 30 minute wait I messaged Emily and told her to walk down to the coffee shop just down the street. We enjoy a cup of coffee, ate brunch, and even got ice cream while we got to know each other. And the rest is history. Never would’ve guessed this time last year I’d be planning a wedding with the woman of my dreams, but good Lord has a plan. Also, no Emily never did get to explore Charlotte, but she doesn’t seem to mind. It’s on the list for future adventures.”

couple touches noses in front of horse and carriage in romantic Colonial Williamsburg Governor's Palace

The Proposal


“Tyler made reservations at Rowland’s to celebrate my first week of work and life in Richmond. We got dressed up and went out to a great dinner. Afterwards, we went up to a local park in Richmond called Libby Hill that has an amazing view of the city to watch the sunset before we were to meet up with some friends. We started the walk around the park and Tyler got down on one knee with a ring. Before he could finish his speech, I said “Yes!” He had a friend who was hidden photographer, so we got to capture the special moment. We spent some time walking around the park, and I had Tyler give the rest of his speech since I was too excited to let him finish the first time. We’re so excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you. See you in Williamsburg!”

And boy did we celebrate! Check out these gorgeous sunset images followed by their fun reception in the Regency Room at the Williamsburg Inn:

collage of portrait images at sunset for Colonial Williamsburg Resorts wedding
collage of reception images with special dancing and glow sticks for telling your love story in Williamsburg, VA

Are you ready for us to be telling your love story on the blog next?! If so, let’s connect and start planning your wedding today!

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