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A Spring Engagement in Colonial Williamsburg

couple with their pups (dogs) in a tulip garden for their Colonial Williamsburg engagement

Spring in Colonial Williamsburg is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! After a long winter and the short days, it has been so life giving to see the blooms of spring – from the new growth on each tree to the sounds of the birds, this season brings me alive too <3.

I am so excited for Emily and Will – choosing to do their engagement session during the spring in Colonial Williamsburg turned out perfectly! Emily and Will are planning a summer wedding at the Williamsburg Inn with Colonial Williamsburg Resorts. I am so blessed to celebrate their special day with them!

Emily reached out to me before her session as she wanted to incorporate her pups into the session. Her mom decided to come along to help with them which was so much fun. We ended up with the perfect weather and an absolutely gorgeous evening for Emily and Will’s dogs to enjoy Williamsburg as well.

fiance dips girl for a kiss at engagement photo session

If you’re planning a spring engagement in Colonial Williamsburg, there are so many amazing gardens to be sure you visit. So many of them are tucked away from the main streets – and the gardeners are miracle workers (in my opinion since I do NOT have a green thumb). They plant the flowers so strategically so that there is a surprise around every corner. The colorful tulips are absolutely breathtaking!

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not know the name of most of the flowers and plants… I’d love to say I know what these are in this picture below (someone educate me!), but I was so excited that we were able to catch them in bloom. The purple blooms on the trees catch the light is such a romantic way – I just love that Will chose a pink polo too!

pink blooms for a spring engagement in Colonial Williamsburg

My other favorite thing about spring is how vibrant the greens of the grass and trees are – every photo pops with such vibrancy and color. Wow! You truly can’t go wrong with a session this time of year.

Emily and Will’s spring engagement in Williamsburg truly was beautiful, and we can’t wait to see them again this summer. Congratulations!

macro image of ring in purple flower
couple gazes into each other's eyes during spring engagement session in Colonial Williamsburg garden

If you are looking for a photographer for your spring engagement, please reach out today!

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