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pulling a green sled with son in blue jacket during family snow photo session

Have you considered booking a snow photo session in Williamsburg, VA? We don’t get snow very often, so it is definitely an awesome opportunity to capture unique photos of your family that you will cherish for years to come!

We had an unexpected snow day, and I just loved practicing on my boys and family. There is something MAGICAL about the lighting in the snow. If you know even a tiny bit about photography, the snow is one giant reflector. Meaning?! It makes the photos look fabulous (that’s really all you probably wanted to know)!

Our neighborhood has a big hill with a lot of grass that we love to run in or walk through many days – of course, we have dreamed of it being covered in snow for sledding! When we headed out all bundled up (side note, we don’t get snow often, so we don’t have a lot of snow gear if you’re laughing at our “gear” quality), we found many of the neighborhood kids already conquering the hill!

This is really Ezra’s first time being old enough to enjoy the snow, so boy did we have a blast. He even tried tasting a bit of each snow ball he threw. Zeko has endless energy and instigated quite the snow ball war with the neighborhood kids. They ended up all going against him. You can decide from the pictures who you think won!

collage of kids throwing snow balls and sledding during snow photo session

While we were quite cold (and my fingers were shaking!), I think our family snow photo session was a huge success. The kids didn’t even realize I was taking pictures most of the time. We went back inside for some snow cream and hot chocolate while we laughed looking at the photos.

If you’re considering a family snow photo session, I would LOVE to photograph your family next time the snow arrives here in Williamsburg! Please reach out, and let’s get planning!

man throws boy into air laughing in snow photo session

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