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Are you wondering how to prepare for family photos? I’d love to help with some of my most common FAQs!

Q: What should we wear?  Start with what you love!  Dresses tend to be the most flattering on mom, chinos and a button up or henley for dad give that masculine look and kids are so cute with accessories added (bows, suspenders, etc.).  Are these required?  No!  Just some ideas :).  Coordinating is way better than matching.  Try having 3 colors in your palette and mixing it up with each family member.  There are a few to avoid: neons and super big/bold patterns don’t photograph as well.  Fitted clothes are much more flattering than baggy too! 

Q: How early should I arrive?  If your session is in Colonial Williamsburg, parking can be far away or full, so please come 15-20 minutes early.  This also gives the family a little time to walk around the area instead of rushing straight from the car.  There is usually parking off Francis Street at CW Parking Lot 2 (it’s near the corner of Francis & S Nassau).  

Q: Any tips for my kids? Make sure they are rested and fed.  Try to make it sound like you are doing something super exciting and fun – even consider a reward for afterwards.  And just remember, they are little – they will need grace.  Relax – don’t worry about everyone smiling perfectly or standing still the entire time – it will be fun!

Q: What if my husband isn’t excited? Make sure he’s rested and fed too :).  Show him a few favorites from my site or social media.  That may help him understand why you want to take photos and see that it’s not so bad!  Let him know that there’s no pressure – just come, have fun with your family & then enjoy whatever treats you’ve planned for after.  Let him know how much the photos mean to you, also.  

Q: What should we bring?  I recommend comfy shoes since it’s in CW and there will be walking.  Snacks for the kids that don’t stain clothing/teeth.  Extra diapers, wipes, etc.  You can also bring something meaningful for your kids if you think they’d want to hold a special toy or having a reward in the bag for immediately after.  

I hope this helps as you wonder how to prepare for family photos. If you have any additional questions, I’d love to connect more! :). Above all, the absolute MOST important thing is to enjoy your family – your session is a great time to laugh and have fun. Your hair and outfits won’t be what you remember years from now! 🙂

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