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Ya’ll…my little guy is SOOO cute – I can’t help but share some pics of him here and there! 🙂 

If you are in Williamsburg for Halloween and have little ones, there are some GREAT options of things to do.  I know everyone is immediately going to think about Busch Gardens; but honestly, it’s just too much for little ones in my opinion (you can go during the daylight hours – but I find some of the images and blood/gore not the best for little eyes).  I may be in the minority, but it’s a little too scary for me, too, once the lights go out! LOL.

This year, we did Colonial Williamsburg’s trick or treating event as well as the one at the Jamestown Settlement.  We absolutely loved both (and Noah came out of both with tons of candy, so he gave both 5 starts for sure). The two events are both different and appeal to different groups.

In Colonial Williamsburg, there are stations set up to walk along the side of Duke of Gloucester and get candy at different stations.  That part is pretty relaxed and mostly appealing to those who like to just walk around on a stroll.  What was fun is that they had a live band out though, and the kids had fun shining lights and dancing to the music before we went home.  There were even halloween characters riding around horseback.

The Jamestown Settlement is really a spectacular sight to behold with all of the decorations – each of the little houses is decorated with a theme and the kids walk through them to get goodies.  They have craft stations and you can walk down to the boats on the water to see more decor (and of course, get more candy).    We had a blast – and while I’m biased, I think we had the cutest trick or treater for sure! 🙂


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