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couple dances on beach with sunset after Hampton Roads Wedding in VA Beach

I’m so excited for Sarah and Michael! Their Hampton Roads wedding in VA Beach was so fun! Sarah and Michael met in 2017 when Michael was finishing his first year in medical school in Baltimore. Michael was carpooling with friends and only supposed to meet Sarah for an hour – two and a half hours later (with his friends still waiting!), they realized they had found something very special. It was an honor to be a part of their wedding day more than 6 years later in Sarah’s hometown.

macro details of ring and jewelry along with gold tray with rings for Hampton Roads Wedding in VA Beach

The couple wed at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Virginia Beach. Marriage ceremonies in the Orthodox Church last about an hour and are rich with symbolism, prayer and ancient tradition – it was really cool for us to see the traditions and photograph the ceremony.

marriage sacrament photos of traditional orthodox wedding ceremony

Post-ceremony, the couple did a bubble exit outside the church – these ended up being some of my favorite photos from the day! With so many exits usually being late night, I just loved the way the light catches the bubbles during the day time. Hint, hint: if you’re planning a bubble exit, have one or two bubble machines behind the crowd and your images will be incredible! 🙂

bubble exit from church after Hampton Roads Wedding in VA Beach

For Sarah and Michael’s Hampton Roads wedding, cocktail hour and the reception were held at Delta Hotels Virginia Beach Bayfront Suites. They were such a fun couple and had so much energy on the dance floor with their friends and family. With the venue overlooking the beach, this gave us the PERFECT opportunity to slip away during the reception and onto the beach for sunset photos. I canNOT imagine their wedding day without these photos – it was SO beautiful, and I’m so glad they carved out time during their reception to make these a priority!

sunset portraits at the Delta after Hampton Roads Wedding in VA Beach

It truly was a beautiful day – Sarah and Michael, congratulations again!!!

wedding party pictures outside at a park nearby the Delta hotel in VA Beach
table settings and reception set up at Delta Hotels
getting ready images at the Delta Hotel for Hampton Roads Wedding in VA Beach
wedding reception images at the Delta hotel for Michael and Sarah's Hampton Roads Wedding in VA Beach
Groom kisses bride while dipping her with sunset behind them at Delta Hotels wedding in VA Beach

Are you planning a Hampton Roads wedding? I would love to connect today! 🙂

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