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Have you ever thought about foot washing at your wedding?! I have to admit that this was a first for us to witness in all of the weddings we have attended over the years. It was SO cool to see Kate and Kyle displaying their servant hearts for each other as a foundation for their marriage.

Kate and Kyle wanted their marriage to be centered on Christ and the Bible, so they decided that their first thing they would do upon arriving at the reception would be to wash each other’s feet. What is the significance of foot washing at your wedding? In the Christian tradition, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples (his followers). In John 13:1-17, you can read the account in the Bible. As their leader and Savior, it was not expected that he would humble himself to serve those following him. It displayed humility, loyalty, and commitment.

By practicing foot washing at your wedding, you are showing that service, humility and love (like Jesus) to each other by following Christ’s example. Kate and Kyle did this beautifully and it was so profound to think about the foundation upon which they are building their marriage. I truly think it was not only a memorable experience to their guests, it held deep significance for each person witnessing the type of marriage Kate and Kyle want to have. Congratulations, Kate and Kyle!

The ceremony was held at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church on Lynnhaven Parkway in Virginia Beach, VA, followed by a reception at The Barn at 521 in Chesapeake, VA. It was truly a beautiful day, and we are so excited to share a sneak peek of images of their day!

collage of baby blue colors and pitcher for foot washing at your wedding
collage of Kate and Kyle getting married for their wedding in VA Beach and Chesapeake
collage of couples' portraits at the Barn for Kate and Kyle's VA Beach Wedding
reception collage including images of Kate and Kyle practicing a unique idea of foot washing at your wedding

If you are considering foot washing at your wedding or any other unique experiences to display your love for each other, we’d love to connect. We just LOVE telling your unique story! <3

Congratulations portrait of Kate and Kyle

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