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Congratulations, Erik and Selcan! The Williamsburg Inn is an absolutely STUNNING location for an elopement in Williamsburg, VA! When Erik’s mom reached out to me looking for a photographer the week of Christmas, I knew it was going to be absolutely gorgeous.

For the month of December, the Williamsburg Inn is a winter wonderland of white Christmas lights and beautiful, classic decorations. Erik and Selcan’s day was overcast with some rain off and on – what could have seemed like a negative was actually such a blessing as we had most of the outdoor space completely to ourselves for their portrait session!

groom looks at radiant bride with glow of sunset behind them after elopement

One of my favorite things about choosing to plan an elopement in Williamsburg, VA (or anywhere to be honest!) is how much we are able to really prioritize portraits of the bride and groom. While big wedding days are super fun, there is always that pressure that family and friends are waiting during cocktail hour or at the reception. With elopements, we are able to schedule the time to focus exclusively on portraits and often have time to go to more locations in the time as well.

Erik and Selcan scheduled Erik’s family to arrive the latter portion of their session so that we could also get some family formals too. It’s so memorable to have those photos with parents and siblings on your wedding day! Selcan’s family is in Turkey (she just arrived in the USA right before Christmas), so it will be such a wonderful gift for them to see these images. Talk about the power of photography and the joy it will bring her family to see Selcan dressed up for her wedding day!

collage of Erik and Selcan's elopement in Williamsburg, VA with Colonial Williamsburg Resorts

If you’re planning an elopement in Williamsburg, VA, I would love to connect and discuss your vision and how we can make your day even more special!

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