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I am SOOO excited for Jelly and Gregg! It took TWO tries (yes, we went to VA Beach the first time and Jelly was in the hospital – we are so glad she was ok!) and LOTS of Covid delays, but they were finally able to have their Virginia Beach wedding!  Jelly and Gregg’s ceremony was at Jelly’s church in Sandbridge and the reception was held at the Smith home in Chesapeake, VA.  Most importantly, their friends and family were finally able to join them to celebrate their Virginia Beach Wedding!

Jelly had a fun idea to drive to a neighborhood in Virginia Beach that had this cool dome for taking photos.  I absolutely love how the images turned out!  They used blindfolds before the first look and had special gifts for each other.  We then walked across this picture perfect white bridge (what great reflective light!).  The ceremony in her church was very traditional and was truly a special time for Jelly and Gregg with all of their loved ones.

At the Smith home, we had a blast with portraits, especially taking champagne, jumping AND bubble shots all in the same day.  Their wedding party was SO FUN – you can see in the images how much joy they had taking photos!  Everyone was so full of love, and I was so blessed to be Jelly and Gregg’s Virginia Beach wedding photographer.

If you’re planning a wedding in Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Richmond or Williamsburg, VA, I’m your gal!  Covid changed so much in the wedding world, and we have been here through it all to make sure we acommodate every delay and change.  From elopements, intimate weddings and full days, reach out on my contact page so we can start planning your special day!  Until then, enjoy more weddings here on my blog :).

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